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Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most exciting phases of wedding planning! It is that time when you start picturing your big day and dreaming up the style and the mood of the event. You already know the location, the theme and the colour scheme, but now you need someone who will be able to capture the romance and beauty of it all. Not sure where to start? Let us help you find the perfect photographer.

1.   Consider Your Wedding Location

Whether you are planning a destination wedding, a romantic elopement or a local affair, you need a wedding photographer who knows your location. Experienced professionals who have covered hundreds of weddings in the area can help you find the most inspirational locations for a photoshoot and dig out the most beautiful backdrops you didn’t even know existed. Additionally, they understand the local climate and know exactly how to utilise natural light or when to take photos to get the most intensive colours. When doing your online research, look for photographers that operate in your chosen area. You can also ask your wedding planner or venue to recommend professionals they have worked with. And even if you decide to hire someone whose work you admire but they are not familiar with your location, make sure that they have enough time to look around and find the most intriguing backgrounds.

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2. Think About the Photography Style You Want

Not sure if you want artistic, quirky, photo-journalistic or traditional wedding photography? Look for inspiration in magazines, wedding blogs or on social media. Get familiar with different styles and trends in wedding photography to establish what you really like and what kind of imagery perfectly portrays the mood of the wedding you are picturing in your head. Is it going to be a bohemian beach wedding? Then perhaps you want a wedding photographer who can make those gorgeous atmospheric images that are a fine blend of photo-journalism and whimsical, artsy style. Or is it going to be a grand, princess-style ballroom affair? Then a mix of classic colourful wedding portraits and black and white images could be your ultimate choice. And when you decide what you want, look for portfolios that include these types of images. To make your online search easier, type in words “wedding photography” and your preferred destination. Browse through images you find and make a list of photographers whose style you love.

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3. Book a Consultation and Ask All the Important Questions

Even if the style is right and even if you are sure you have found someone with credentials and knowledge of the local area, there are still some things you need to get straight. This is why it is essential to book a consultation and talk to your photographer. Inquire about their availability, various wedding packages, post-production process as well as printing and album options. This is the opportunity to speak about your vision of that special day and find out what is your photographer prepared to do to make it even more grandiose. You can also talk to them about the practicalities such as the list of must-have photos and the possibility of hiring a second photographer. Our tip is to be prepared for this conversation and write down all the questions that can affect your final decision. Don’t leave any of them unanswered!

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4. Flick Through Wedding Albums

Whether you have booked an online consultation with your photographer or you have arranged a meeting in their studio, don’t miss your chance to ask for full albums of weddings they covered. One or two will be enough to get the idea. But do analyse images with a critical eye and ask yourself if it is a kind of album you would want for yourself. There is nothing more thrilling than flicking through breath-taking photos and imagining what your own wedding album will look like once it is finally put together!

how to choose a wedding photographer

5. Find Someone Who Understands Your Personalities

Every bride and groom will tell you that it is very important to find a photographer you feel comfortable around. You just need to click with someone! This is why it is always a better idea to visit shortlisted wedding photographers in person or at least to have a video call. The right person won’t make you feel nervous, stressed or camera shy. The conversation should be smooth and your creative ideas should be compatible, so feel free to discuss your big day in a bit more details. You can also do a test shoot to make sure you have selected just the right person. Months before the wedding, it is the perfect time to make a couple’s shoot or an engagement photo session.

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We all know that capturing memories and saving them for your future self and for posterity is very important. The right photographer can follow you from “yes” to “I do” and beyond because you will never want to change them. After the wedding, you will need top-notch photos of your pregnancy and newborn, his or her christening and first birthday!

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