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Are you guilty of hiding behind the camera?

Ok, let’s be honest with ourselves, it is too easy as the Mother to remain behind the camera.

Scroll through your phone, how many photos are you present in? How many of the photos on your partner’s phone are of you and the kids? Look around your home, are there photos of you on display?

The excuses to not be in the images are plentiful – I know as I use them often… I don’t like how I look today, the kids are more important, it’s easier if I take the photos, I will wait until I lose some weight, I’m too tired.

So why am I so passionate about Mums getting in the photos?

I would like to share something with you. I know first-hand how important photographs are and how fleeting life is…it is one of the reasons I picked up a camera in the first place.

The image below is incredibly precious to me, it is one of only a small handful of images that my son and I are present in together (I am talking 4 or 5 photos total) – it was taken as the last photo of the day by the professional photographer on my own wedding day as we hadn’t captured any of the two of us together.

mother and son

Axel passed away just 9 months after this photo was taken when he was 15 months old. I will never have the opportunity to be in another photo with him again. I can’t wait until I feel better about myself or am less tired – these will always be the only captured moments that I have of the two of us together.


So why am I talking about this now?

The perfect opportunity is coming up for you to be in photos. Sunday 12th May, Mother’s Day.

You can ask for a professional portrait shoot (Hint – we take gorgeous photos) of you, the kids and your partner as your Mother’s Day gift.

Alternatively, on the day, get in the photos with your children, your partner, the family pet. Hand the camera over and be IN them. With everyone is gathered together it is the perfect opportunity to insist on a family photo.

Take the selfies, drag your own Mother into the photos, ensure that you and your children have moments to look back on, to cherish, with you present in them. Take the family to your favourite park and do an impromptu photo shoot, use the opportunity to dress up, include the kids in the process and be present in the moment. The moments don’t have to be perfect, scripted, or INSTA worthy – you just need to be in them.

Below are some moments from Mother’s Day 2017 where my husband insisted that I be in the photos with my kids. Taken in our own backyard after Mother’s Day lunch, battling the dog racing around us in the background and the 10 year old who HATES having to sit still for any great length of time!!

be present in the photos mother and children

The In-Between moments

It is our job as professional photographers to ensure that our families, couples, and subjects have lasting memories to treasure. Some of our favourite moments from sessions are usually the unscripted ones, the in-between moments when our subjects forget that we are there, a moment of intimacy, laughter or even tears (there are often lots of toddler tears during sessions as things don’t go their own way).

I encourage you to create some unscripted moments of your own, to be courageous, get in the photos and capture some lasting memories.

Included below are some of our favourite “Mum moments” from the past 12 months…

mother and daughter captured by blue mountains photographer de lumiere photography
mother being present in the moment with daughter blowing bubbles
present in the moment mother breastfeeding
mother father and son captured by blue mountains family photographer de lumiere photography
being present in the moment natural candid photography
mother and daughter at sunset blue mountains
natural family photos de lumiere photography
being present in the moment
natural classic newborn photos family photographer de lumiere photography
natural candid family photography
mother and father present in the moment
candid natural photographer de lumiere photograhy
candid natural photographer de lumiere photograhy
be present in the moment with de lumiere photogrphy
beautiful natural family photos
professional portraits by de lumiere photography
be present in the moment with portraits by de lumiere photography
gorgeous family portraits blue mountains family photographer de lumiere photography
parents present in the image with children having fun
natural fun family photography

And then…

Once you have taken the photos, you have booked the professional portraits, what do you do with the images?

Our next blog post will chat about framing, designing albums, and creatively displaying your keepsakes in your home.

Keep an eye out!!

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I look forward to seeing you there!


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